Learn how to take care of your skin whatever your problem and with 100% natural products. Also discover all the benefits of their ingredients and their incredible powers on your skin. Our expertise in the field of beauty allows us to advise you according to your needs!


Over time, our face shows the first signs of aging: the skin loses tone, the face marks more and wrinkles appear. In order to delay their appearance, the [...]

Prevent and reduce wrinkles with facial massages

Our current pace of life doesn't always give us the opportunity to enjoy a moment of well-being. We're always running around and cocooning ourselves for a while to get ready for the next day.

Face mask: the new skin care product that is good for our skin

Every day, we spend a certain amount of time taking care of our body, our face, our hair... We care more and more about the products we apply every day in our daily lives...

Hand Beauty

Wearing masks became widespread with the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis. Although it is important to wear it to limit the spread of the virus, our skin doesn't always tolerate it very well.

Maskné: taking care of your skin by wearing the mask

Are you familiar with Blue Gold? Spirulina, a small blue algae particularly rich in proteins, vitamins and amino acids, is a revolution in the field of cosmetics. While it has been used in the past, [...]

Spirulina: a gold mine of benefits for the skin

Everybody loves pandas, that's a fact. But from there to looking like them... Standing in front of your mirror, you are obsessed by the shadows in front of your eyes. No doubt, you have a lot of this...

Defativate your eyes: how to bring a breath of fresh air?

There are a multitude of essential oils, each with very specific properties for the skin. They exert their healing power by stimulating the immune system, and accomplish this by stimulating the skin's [...]

Which essential oils for oily skin?

We all dream of beautiful, supple, bouncy skin. Beyond these purely aesthetic considerations, the skin forms a body envelope responsible for protecting our organism from exotic aggressions.

Moisturizing the skin: why not skip it?

The skin is a complex organ composed of three layers: the hypodermis, dermis and epidermis, crossed by infinite nerve endings. It is in direct contact with the world that we live in.

How can you cleanse your skin thoroughly? The tips
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