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certified 100% ORGANIC and made in France.

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Akane - All you need to know about our Organic and Vegan cosmetics brand
The brand

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The brand

A word from Aline Foulet the founder.

"After 10 years in a major cosmetics group, I decided to create my own brand in Hong Kong. My vision? A holistic approach to care. The skin is not an envelope, it is an organ in its own right and must be cared for with products of impeccable composition. This requirement of respect for life is inseparable from respect for the environment. I believe in healthy, active, certified organic cosmetics that respect living organisms and the environment. We have a duty to future generations to commit ourselves a little more each day to green cosmetics. Moreover, cosmetics is inseparable from the notion of pleasure, pleasure of the eyes, pleasure of the touch, of the sense of smell. A moment of care is a moment of self that should be an ode to the senses. Taking care of yourself to feel good. Beauty is futile but necessary, commitment useful and salutary. It is this dual approach, which could be summed up as RESPECT & SENSORIALITY, that led me to create Akane. During a stay in Japan I discovered the Akane apple. Nature offered me the ingredient that was missing from my recipe, a red apple with highly antioxidant properties, the original fruit, beauty in the palm of my hand. The Akane brand was born. »

A source of inspiration
for our care

Asia and its holistic approach to skincare, its beauty rituals, its refinement and sensoriality - layering, triple make-up removal, multi-masking. Tailor-made treatments, adapted to all skin types, all needs. No over-promises, but promises kept.

team akane skincare

The Akane Company

A family adventure, an independent brand co-directed by Aline & Jean-Philippe who are also happy parents of two little girls.

A fantastic team on a human scale that puts all its energy into offering you the best service.

Treatments designed in Montmartre, produced in the Hérault. Cock-a-doodle-doo. Partnerships with local

raw material suppliers Akane apples and Akane apple leaves harvested each year in Corrèze.

  • made in france
    Made in France

    All our treatments are made in France

  • 100% organic
    100% ORGANIC

    All our treatments are certified Organic by Ecocert or Cosmos Organic and labelled Cosmébio.

  • without controversial ingredients
    Without additives

    Our perfumes are 100% natural.

  • no animal testing
    No Animal Testing

    We do not test any of our products on animals.

  • recycles

    We develop recyclable packaging.

only bio products

What you won't find in our care

- Parabens

- Mineral oil or paraffin


- SLS or ALS


- Silicones

- Phenoxyethanol

95% of our products
are suitable for Vegans.

All our treatments are suitable for VEGAN, with the exception of the All Rose Lip and Cheekbones Balm, the Nourishing Muesli Cream, and the BB eye contour, which contain organic beeswax. Our products are not sold in China.