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Learn how to take care of your skin whatever your problem and with 100% natural products. Also discover all the benefits of their ingredients and their incredible powers on your skin. Our expertise in the field of beauty allows us to advise you according to your needs!


Discover a new way to remove make-up that respects your skin and the planet!

The Konjac sponge

Understanding your skin: the difference between dry skin lacking nutrition and dehydrated skin lacking moisture.

Hydration and Nutrition

Our organic facial care products respect our commitments: at Akane, we believe that it is possible to manufacture organic beauty products in France that respect the environment and the skin of our customers.

Organic face care: inspired by Asian beauty rituals

WHAT'S LAYERING? Coming from Japan, layering is a beauty ritual extremely widespread in Asia. In France, we are gradually discovering its many virtues: smooth, plumped up skin, luminous, [...]

Layering, what is it and how does it work?
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