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Découvrez le multimasking et ses avantages. Chaque zone de votre visage a des besoins spécifiques : apprenez à les écouter pour sublimer votre peau.

The 5 advantages of Multimasking, the new trend coming from Japan

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Our recipes for homemade facial scrubs

The bathroom is THE room in the house that resists sorting. However, it should not escape the rule of recycling. Shampoo, razor, cotton buds, cosmetics, face cream... The list of [...]

How to sort your bathroom waste?

Turn your green waste into a renewable resource with the help of composting! Thanks to this method, almost half of the waste we produce can be recycled into compost. It's a great way to [...]

How do you make compost?

I'm sure you're already familiar with the treatment method called "layering"? Ideal for those who like to take their time in the bathroom, layering is a 6-step ritual that involves a series of steps that [...]

Skip-care: My new minimalist beauty routine

Summer is finally here! The warm evenings, the starry nights, the tanned complexion, the wild aperitifs, the sun, the heat... But this beautiful season sometimes requires a bit of organization, a bit of patience, a bit of [...]

What are the things not to do in summer?
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