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Learn how to take care of your skin whatever your problem and with 100% natural products. Also discover all the benefits of their ingredients and their incredible powers on your skin. Our expertise in the field of beauty allows us to advise you according to your needs!


Do you know macadamia oil? This vegetable oil with its delicate pale yellow colour is a concentrate of benefits for the skin and hair. Less well known than sweet almond oil, it is a [...]

The benefits of macadamia oil

We would tend to store it in our kitchen cupboards and yet... cider vinegar has its rightful place in our bathroom, as it is so good for the skin and for the body.

The virtues of cider vinegar for the face

Every day, we spend a certain amount of time taking care of our body, our face, our hair... We care more and more about the products we apply every day in our daily lives...

Hand Beauty

One thing is certain, organic cosmetics are attracting more and more consumers who are concerned about their health and the environment. While for many years now, preservatives have been synthetizing...

Are the preservatives in organic skin care as effective?

Recently, the trend of naturalness has been increasingly in the spotlight. We are turning to the essential, limiting make-up and giving our skin only the care it needs, and not to the products it has to [...]

Cosmetic fasting, beneficial for your skin?

In recent years, natural, organic and ideally zero waste cosmetics have been on the rise. Attracted by a healthy, health and environmentally friendly approach to beauty care, consumers are looking for a [...]

Why support "Made in France" cosmetics?

Hmmm... honey... just thinking about it, our mouths are already watering! This delicious sweet substance, made by our precious little foraging bees, can be enjoyed in cooking as well as in baking...

The benefits of honey on the skin

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The benefits of coconut oil
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