The Facial Sauna: the detox ally of a regenerated skin

The Facial Sauna: the detox ally of a regenerated skin


The steam bath is an ancestral ritual that purifies the soul and the skin. The sauna is the beauty secret of many women around the world. If you don't have the time to go to a spa, nothing is lost! If you don't have the time to go to a spa, you can still make your own facial sauna and enjoy the incredible benefits of the steam. 


The steam bath immerses you in a moment of well-being. The body relaxes and becomes serene. Your skin is freed from toxins and other impurities.

The proximity of the face to a heat source stimulates the cells. Toxins and dead skin that often cause a dull and atopic complexion disappear. 

Prevent acne and reduce blackheads 

The main cause of skin breakouts is clogged pores. It is therefore essential to reduce and prevent blemishes by thoroughly cleansing your skin. The steam bath allows the opening of the pores and the release of all the toxins at the origin of the blackheads and buttons.

This treatment allows you to purify, cleanse and detoxify your skin in a natural and comforting way. 

Fight against skin aging 

Everyday life exposes your skin to pollution, makeup and stress. Your complexion suffers from free radicals, so you need to take care of it!

Thanks to its cleansing virtues, the steam bath eliminates dead skin and starts the process of cell regeneration. In fact, the intense heat stimulates the blood circulation. This state of "overheating" brings oxygen to your epidermis and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. This treatment acts as a boost in the life cycle of your skin. 

It is finally the secret of a toned and visually younger face. 

Keeping skin hydrated  

The facial sauna helps prepare your skin to get the most out of your cosmetic treatments. Dilated pores and moistened skin ensure optimal penetration of your moisturizing and nourishing cream. 

In addition, the humid heat of the sauna increases your sebum production. This natural secretion is a powerful moisturizing agent that contributes to the beauty of your skin. But be careful, excessive sweating could have the opposite effect and dry out your skin. So don't overdo it, once a week is enough. 


The facial sauna is for all skin types. It is a natural and universal treatment. 

However, it is still ideal for combination to oily skin that just needs to be cleansed and purified. For sensitive skin, be careful not to attack your skin with steam that is too hot. Be sure to test the temperature before starting your treatment.


This homemade treatment with multiple virtues is very simple to make. All you need is a bowl filled with hot water and a towel.

Start by thoroughly removing your makeup with the Purifying Makeup Remover Oil.

Then position your face over the bowl filled with hot water and stay in this position for about 10 minutes. In order to fully benefit from the vapors, surround your face and the bowl with a towel so that nothing escapes. 

Be sure to test the temperature before starting your treatment. This is a cocooning moment, so you might as well avoid getting burned!

Once your facial spa is done, your skin is just waiting for the nutrients of your cosmetic routine. It's time to make a mask or a scrub, their effectiveness will be optimal!

Follow with the radiance treatment lotion to close the pores and finish with the moisturizing melting cream.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

Emilie - "I really like it, it improves my skin quality."



We suggest you go even further and combine steam with the powers of medicinal plants. We have brought together the best of plants for you in the Facial Sauna Kit. A few minutes of this steam guarantees you a clean, detoxified and radiant skin. 

Moringa leaves and their astringent properties help regulate sebum production. A natural ingredient that works miracles on skin that tends to shine! 

Eucalyptus purifies and prepares your skin, the benefits of your care will be multiplied. The ingredient that frees you from toxins and relaxes your mind.

The lemon peel and its antiseptic properties heal your imperfections and prevent their appearance. A delicate citrus scent for a moment of well-being. 

The peppermint offers you a clear complexion of an intense freshness thanks to its purifying and invigorating action.

And let's not forget our secret ingredient:Akane Oleoactif! The combination of Akane apple and rose hip oil offers your skin an antioxidant concentrate 7 times more powerful than pure vitamin E. 

How to use the Akane Facial Sauna Kit? 

As for the traditional steam bath, fill a bowl with boiling water (preferably mineral water) then add 3 teaspoons of the plant mixture and 2 drops of Akane Active.

Let your skin enjoy the beneficial steam for 5 to 10 minutes. 

Normal to oily skin will appreciate each of the benefits of this natural and organic infusion. A real detoxifying and relaxing moment to be naturally beautiful. 

For more efficiency, we recommend to make a milky scrub with charcoal before your Sauna ritual and to apply the anti-thirst cocoon mask afterwards.

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