Healthy, active and natural ingredients

Healthy, active and natural ingredients


The ingredients and composition of our organic cosmetics

Nature is a source of efficiency and beauty! Our skin care products are made from natural ingredients or ingredients of natural origin, i.e. transformed in processes that respect the skin and the environment. We believe in natural, healthy & active cosmetics. Our exclusive active ingredient, derived from Akane apples and apple leaves, is obtained in a 100% green extraction process.

We favour local sourcing for ingredients, so we have established partnerships with suppliers located in the department or region of our laboratories. (34).

Our cosmetics are designed in Paris and then manufactured in France, in Lunel. For the apples, we bring them from Corrèze. These gestures are important to us and allow us to offer you products that respect nature and the environment. On our site, you will find all our ranges of creams, make-up removers, masks and accessories. For each article, we specify the composition. This way, you know exactly what you are putting on your skin.

A rigorous selection of the products used in our formulas

Since the creation of our brand, we have been committed to an eco-responsible and transparent approach towards our customers. We are very vigilant about the composition of our cosmetics. We are inspired by Asian rituals but also by nature. For the extraction of our ingredients, we therefore avoid solvents and chemical compounds. This allows us to create organic formulas without paraben, silicone, PEG, SLS ...etc., and which are Ecocert and Cosmebio certified. We also pay attention to the origin of the active ingredients and to our packaging. Thanks to these commitments, we are able to offer you natural skin care products that act in depth to sublimate your skin, moisturize, firm and illuminate it.

A unique active ingredient with highly antioxidant properties: apple & leaf®.

Healthy, active and natural ingredients

La Pomme & la Feuille® is made from a 100% natural oleo-association* of Akane apples **, Akane apple leaves and muscat rose oil. The Akane apple is one of the red apple varieties with the highest concentration of polyphenols.

Akane apple leaves contain a high level of sieboldine, which is a remarkable anti-oxidant. Muscat rose oil is very rich in omega 3 and omega 6. It is known for its regenerating and moisturizing properties.

Derived from these 3 magical ingredients, Apple & Leaf® is a unique active ingredient that acts as an anti-free radical shield to preserve the beauty and freshness of your skin.

A double effectiveness on biological ageing (cell regeneration) and external aggressions linked to urban life (anti-free radical protection).

7x more antioxidant than pure vitamin E.

100% natural, solvent-free, chemical compound-free extraction

Perfect affinity with the skin, optimal skin transport

Non-allergenic, non-irritating

All Akane skin care products contain the active ingredient La Pomme & la Feuille®.

*developed in collaboration with the company Oléos. **Akane apples and apple leaves of French origin.

Moisturizing active ingredients


Healthy, active and natural ingredients

Hyaluronic acid is an essential component of the skin belonging to the family of glycosaminoglycans. It plays a decisive role in many physiological mechanisms, particularly in the dermal extracellular matrix. In fact, it plays a decisive role in many physiological mechanisms, particularly in the dermal extracellular matrix:

- It helps prevent water loss and increases the skin's natural hydration.

- It fills the space between the collagen fibers, it behaves like a viscous medium that supports the extracellular matrix. It therefore helps to maintain the elasticity, tone and density of the skin.

- It also influences many cellular processes: collagen synthesis, regulation of cell proliferation and migration. It thus attenuates the roughness of the newly formed epidermis, leaving the skin supple & soft.

Like a molecular sponge, hyaluronic acid is able to retain more than 1000 times its weight in water, it contributes to the hydration of the skin, restores its elasticity and smoothes its surface. However, with time, the level of hyaluronic acid diminishes. It is estimated that at the age of 50, the skin contains only 50% of the hyaluronic acid it had in childhood. The skin is drier, less elastic, less plumped up and wrinkled.

How is the hyaluronic acid in Akane skin care products obtained? The hyaluronic acid used in Akane skin care products is 100% natural and is obtained by bio-fermentation of wheat. The hyaluronic acid used in Akane skincare products therefore comes from natural and renewable raw materials. Its manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and Ecocert & Cosmébio certified. It creates a protective film on the skin that acts as a real reservoir of hydration for soft, plumped-up skin. You will find hyaluronic acid in the Crème Fondante Hydratante, the Masque Cocon Nocturne and the BB Crème Velouté Teintée.


Healthy, active and natural ingredients

Aloe Vera is a plant of the Aloe family that thrives in warm latitudes: Mexico, Middle East, southern United States.

It is the large leaves that shelter the generous Aloe jelly with its many beneficial properties for the skin.

It has been used for thousands of years in a wide variety of regions. Cleopatra is said to have used it mixed with donkey's milk for her beauty care. It is its large leaves which shelter the generous Aloe jelly with multiple beneficial properties for the skin. Aloe Vera jelly contains no less than 200 components: minerals, vitamins, nutrients that give it multiple properties.

- Vitamins: mainly A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, C

- Amino acids: 7 out of 8 essential and 11 out of 14 secondary. They promote the regeneration of skin tissue (multiplication of keratinocytes, fibroblasts).

- Enzymes

- Mono & polysaccharides: Sugars are able to retain large quantities of water (moisturizing effect), make the skin smooth and elastic, and absorb wrinkles.

Aloe Vera jelly has both a strong hydrating power and the ability to retain water in the cells of the epidermis. Indeed, it contains a water rich in minerals and vitamins that feed the cells. This moisturizing power is reinforced by the presence of mono and polysaccharides (sugars) which have the capacity to retain water.

A real cocoon of hydration for the skin! Some brands use dehydrated Aloe Vera powder for economical and practical reasons. This is a pity because dehydration of the gel causes it to lose most of its properties. Only the use of fresh and native aloe vera juice, not heated, allows to preserve at best all the vitamins, nutrients and active ingredients of Aloe Vera. Therefore, it is better to use Aloe Vera leaf juice rather than Aloe Vera juice powder.

You will find pure native organic Aloe Vera juice in the Moisturizing Infusion Jelly and the Fresh Cleansing Jelly.

Nourishing active ingredientsHealthy, active and natural ingredients

Vegetable oils or butters, the natural nourishing active ingredients have a prominent place in the Akane range.

Organic coconut oil: "Must have" in the nutrition of dry skin, coconut oil is known for its softening and nourishing properties. It fights against skin ageing, tones and brings suppleness and radiance to the skin.

Organic sweet almond oil: Sweet almond oil nourishes and soothes reactive skin that is prone to daily discomfort. Rich in vitamins A and E, it also contains softening and moisturizing phytosterols, very protective for the skin. Its soft texture penetrates quickly and leaves a satiny veil on the skin.

ORGANIC Oat Bran Oil: Organic oat bran oil is known for its restructuring and softening properties. Its components are close to the skin's lipids to maintain a good hydration of the skin and help the hydrolipidic film to regenerate. Protected and hydrated, the skin regains its balance.

ORGANIC Cocoa Butter: Euphorating for the senses, cocoa butter is celebrated for its nourishing and protective properties that bring suppleness and elasticity to the skin. A powerful antioxidant, cocoa butter provides extra protection against environmental damage and comfort to the skin.

You will find these active ingredients in the Nourishing Muesli Cream and the Moisturizing Melting Cream.

Anti-wrinkle / anti-ageing active ingredients


Healthy, active and natural ingredients

We use and favour precious vegetable oils, rigorously selected for their anti-ageing properties.

Organic borage oil. It is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and best oils used for beauty care and cosmetics. Both effective in firming tissues, delaying cell aging, reducing wrinkles, its regenerating, nourishing and moisturizing properties bring beauty and elasticity to your skin.

Organic Evening Primrose Oil. Naturally rich in essential fatty acids, it is the ally of mature skin. Among them, linoleic and gamma-linoleic acid (it contains between 8 and 10%), omega 6 that our body is not able to produce alone, but which it particularly needs. With age, the skin becomes thinner, more fragile, loses its radiance and is less elastic. Very moisturizing, evening primrose oil helps to fight against skin dryness, tightens the tissues, rebalances and firms tired skin.

Organic prickly pear oil. Very rich in vitamin E, omega-6 and sterols makes this precious oil an exceptional ingredient to fight against the signs of skin ageing. It works wonders to maintain the suppleness and tone of the skin.

Organic Camelina Oil. Thanks to its balanced content of omega-3 and 6, Camelina vegetable oil is today a noble ingredient, it is recognized for its nourishing, regenerating & anti-ageing properties.

You will find these active ingredients in the Bed & Breakfast Care Oil.


Kombucha, also known as "long-lived mushroom", comes from a drink well known in Russia and China where it is believed to have longevity virtues. Resulting from the fermentation of black tea, it is rich in organic acids and vitamins (B group). It visibly improves the quality of the skin by attenuating colour and surface defects. You will find this active ingredient in the Crème toute Rose Illudescente®, and the Cocoon Nocturnal Mask.


Derived from a fern rich in polysaccarides, this active ingredient creates a true 3D mesh for smoother skin immediately. It improves the skin's micro-relief and prolongs the appearance of youthful skin by combating skin slackening. You will find this active ingredient in the Anti-Wrinkle Silky Cream.


Stimulates the synthesis of collagens (I,III,V) for a more elastic and firmer skin. You will find this active ingredient in the Anti-fatigue Mark Lift Serum.


A real alternative to Retinol, Vigna Aconitifolia protein extract accelerates cell renewal and stimulates collagen synthesis. You will find this active ingredient in the Silky Anti-Wrinkle Cream.

The purifying assets


Charcoal acts on the skin by adsorbing bacteria and other minor skin ailments. It is a natural anti-oxidant which has a bactericidal function. It is particularly recommended for combination to oily skin due to its cleansing action.To find out more about the benefits of Charcoal, click HERE.

You will find this ingredient in the Charcoal Mask and theBlack Konjac Sponge.

Healthy, active and natural ingredients