Anti-imperfection care

Anti-imperfection care, for flawless skin

As a reminder, skin with imperfections is characterized by a high production of sebum, which causes your skin to shine, especially on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). The face lacks radiance and is likely to have small pimples and dilated pores that often appear during the day or in the evening.

But we have the solution: An adapted anti-imperfection care routine, good products used regularly, new gestures to adopt, and the excess sebum will disappear! With our expert advice, you'll knock out all your little facial imperfections so that your face is perfectly radiant again. All with organic and natural products made in France by Akane.

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Anti-imperfection care

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Anti-imperfection care

Made in France

Our treatments are designed in Montmartre, and manufactured in the Hérault. We give preference to suppliers located in France.

Anti-imperfection care


All our face care products are certified organic by Ecocert and labelled Cosmébio.

Anti-imperfection care

No controversial ingredients

Our products are free of paraben, phenoxyethanol, PEG, mineral oil, SLS or ALS.

Anti-imperfection care

The need for an organic anti-blemish treatment

Day after day, your skin accumulates impurities that weaken the skin barrier, cause imperfections and accelerate its aging. Our skin regenerates itself at night, so it is at this time that it recovers from all the external attacks suffered during the day such as pollution, wind, UV rays, extreme temperatures... Hence the need for an organic anti-imperfections care that will not further attack it. Its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and regenerating active ingredients will help the skin to protect itself and heal.

Skin defects can be of various origins, ranging from a poor lifestyle to the use of overly aggressive products and hormonal imbalances. An organic anti-blemish treatment is a precious help, but it is necessary to find the cause of your imperfections before treating them. Sometimes it can simply be a question of poor make-up removal/cleaning.


Anti-imperfection care

Your anti-blemish routine

The first step to avoid imperfections is make-up removal, which is still too often neglected.

Indeed, this beauty gesture is sometimes forgotten or botched. Poorly cleansed and cleansed skin is skin that will remain clogged and suffocated. This creates a perfect breeding ground for the development of bacteria. Pimples appear the very next day, with an oily skin effect and a dull complexion. If this is repeated, the skin will be weakened and early wrinkles may appear. So, to be sure to get an effective result, don't forget the make-up removal step.

At the make-up removal stage, it is important to use natural and certified organic products for beautiful and healthy skin, as allowed by our organic blemish-proofing skincare range. A clean and purified skin is the beginning of any skin care routine. By cleansing it in the morning and evening, you allow it to get rid of all its impurities. In addition, it allows the products to penetrate deep into the skin for greater effectiveness.

Oceane Dubouloz

"Tip top! I ordered the make-up remover oil, which I will re-order because I love it, the tonic spray and the aloe jelly and they are really great products! I 100% recommend this brand of cosmetics."

Oceane Dubouloz

Julie Feuille

"Super quality products! "

Julie Feuille

Caroll Tahar

"I love it's a first experience and I'm totally seduced. "

Caroll Tahar

Sybille Halligon-Amour

"The order process is fast and accurate, and samples are included in the order, allowing you to discover other products of the brand. "

Sybille Halligon-Amour


"Fast, careful delivery and full samples."


Delphine Oddo

"Organic Flower and Fruit Water My favourite product of the brand, to try it is to adopt it! Gives a moment of freshness to the skin and leaves it feeling soft. I use it morning and evening after cleansing my face before my moisturizer or alone mainly in the evening. "

Delphine Oddo


"Very pleasant and very effective for dry skin. Also lacks a little perfume."


Anti-imperfection care

Our organic anti-imperfection care

Before any anti-imperfections care, adopt the triple make-up removal to be done every evening.

This ritual inspired by Asian beauty gestures is passed down from generation to generation to cleanse the skin deeply. On a daily basis, this routine prepares the skin to receive an anti-blemish treatment and to take advantage of its 100% active ingredients.

Triple make-up removal is an integral part of the care routine we recommend. Here are the steps to follow.

Step N°1 : The Organic Cleansing Cleansing Oil

The first step in our anti-blemish treatment is to use an oily solution to remove all foreign bodies from the surface of your face skin. In order to give it the moisture it deserves, it is important that your face is free of make-up. Indeed, if you are still wearing makeup, products cannot penetrate deep into the epidermis and be as effective as they should because makeup creates a barrier.

Why do you need an oil to remove your makeup?

Oils are an ideal make-up remover because they attract greasy substances and thus allow a deep cleansing of the skin by removing stubborn make-up.

Stop preconceived ideas: the use of this oil during your anti-blemish treatment will not make your skin more oily! In fact, a vegetable oil for oily skin can perfectly cleanse and remove make-up from the skin without damaging it, which is not the case with classic cleansers and make-up removers that cause excessive sebum production.

The Organic Purifying Cleansing Oil is an organic anti-blemish care that will eliminate impurities and remove excess sebum. It is very effective even on waterproof make-up!

It leaves a supple and soft skin without leaving an oily film. Its formula is 100% natural, silicone-free, preservative-free and phenoxyethanol-free!

Step 2: Fresh Cleansing Jelly

The second step of our anti-blemish treatment is to apply Fresh Cleansing Gel. This product will purify your skin. Composed of aloe vera, its texture is fresh and light.

Once the impurities have been removed by the purifying make-up removing oil, the jelly deeply cleanses the face. Gentle and bringing freshness, your skin is ready to receive every organic anti-imperfections care it needs. Its formula is paraben-free, SLS-free, PEG-free, silicone-free and phenoxyethanol-free.

Little tip: it is important to use the Konjac Black Charcoal sponge during your anti-imperfections treatment. This sponge comes from Asia and is made of natural plant roots: it is useful to emulsify the Fresh Cleansing Jelly.

It will deeply cleanse the skin and gently exfoliate while tightening the pores.

Indeed, enriched with bamboo charcoal, it is recommended for combination to oily skins, prone to imperfections. span>

Used daily, it will perfectly remove blackheads and imperfections!

Step N°3: Organic Fruit Flower Water

The third and final step in removing make-up from the anti-blemish skincare product is to use a mist of floral water. L'Eau de Fleur & de Fruit is a spray lotion based on rose water. It will have a refreshing, soothing action. This mist will also eliminate limescale residues and reveal the radiance of the complexion.

This lotion allows you to end your organic anti-blemish care routine in beauty with its 100% natural formula, without PEGs, without silicone, without phenoxyethanol and without alcohol.

Step 4: Hydration with different products

Once the skin is clean and free of impurities, as mentioned just before, oily skin or skin with imperfections defends itself from external aggressions. The production of sebum is their way of claiming hydration and protection. It is essential to take care of it and not to weaken it by trying to attack it with a cleansing ritual.

You must be careful not to apply any type of moisturizer for an effective anti-blemish treatment.

In order to moisturize oily or combination skin without giving it overly nourishing care that will make it shine and stimulate the sebaceous glands, we adopt a light-textured gel that absorbs excess sebum.

The aloe vera gel is the ideal anti-blemish treatment to treat this problem thanks to its moisturizing power. To do this, the Organic Moisturizing Infusion Jelly combines Pure Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Oléoactif® Akane and vegetable betaine in a very fresh gel texture with a high content of Pure Organic Aloe Vera Juice (95%) which makes it a must in organic anti-blemish care that refreshes, rehydrates and soothes, in a single gesture without leaving a greasy film!

The melting moisturizing cream

"I prefer the creamy texture," you might say ?span>

No problem, for your anti-imperfections care, we have the ideal moisturizing melting cream that will bring you optimal hydration and comfort.

Face and Eye Lift Serum

Also, if the first signs of aging appear and your skin has a tendency to slacken, it is advisable to use the Face Lift and Eye Contour Serum (which you can keep in the fridge for added effect). To be applied every evening under the moisturizing infusion jelly or the moisturizing melting cream, as an anti-imperfections care.

In a single gesture, its texture smoothes fine lines, redraws the oval of the face, corrects dark circles and puffiness to illuminate the eyes.

Step 5: The Masks

For a complete and effective anti-imperfections care ritual, face masks, if used regularly (once or twice a week), can give your skin a burst of radiance!

Exfoliation is essential to balance the skin of combination to oily skins and awaken the radiance of the complexion.

Favour gentle and chemical exfoliants to eliminate dead skin but do not aggress your skin: the Organic Pink Granite Mask to be applied once or twice a week is the ideal organic anti-imperfection care. Its formula combines Akane Oléoactif®, fruit AHAs and apple seed powder for a gentle chemical and mechanical double peel. Used over the long term, it reduces acne scars and clarifies the skin.

Your complexion will become more even and your skin more radiant. Scrubbing is the perfect treatment for deep pore cleansing.

For a complete and optimal beauty routine, you can adopt other masks:

The Green Mask Cataplasm:

Clay is the best ally of these skin types. The green clay and the tea tree essential oil it contains is a real treatment for oily skin, and to fight against blemishes such as acne pimples. The thick green clay, applied as a cataplasm, absorbs excess sebum from your skin for an in-depth treatment. It is the anti-blemish treatment par excellence!

The mud gray mask:

If your skin is oily and shiny only on the T-zone, our advice is to use: the Mud Grey Mask. Enriched with organic lavender floral water and specifically designed to treat this area, its action will be purifying, tightening the pores while refining the skin texture. You will find your skin smooth and homogeneous.

The Organic Milky Black Mask:

If your complexion is blurred and lacks radiance, here is another organic anti-imperfections care: the Organic Milky Black Mask (once or twice a week): its formula combines Akane Oléoactif®, activated vegetable carbon and olive kernel powder to cleanse, purify, de-scrub and matify mixed to oily areas of the face. Perfectly clean, your skin will regain its softness and be matified.

AKANE Council :

Do not hesitate to use multimasking for an anti-blemish treatment, the application of several types of masks for each area of your face will allow a more effective result! The application in duo, trio ... of different masks will treat in one application several problems that your skin encounters.

You will notice that your complexion is more even and your skin more radiant.

The effects of each anti-imperfection treatment will allow you to regain perfect skin without any blemish, quickly, for your greatest pleasure! What's more, at Akane, we only use organic products with an impeccable composition.